M : info@karelverhoeven.be
T : +32 485 14 29 35
Karel Verhoeven (°1982, Ghent)
creates autonomous and applied works
including both print, digital, spatial work,
video, photography and performances.

Since his graphic design, art and mediastudies in Ghent (BE)
and Athlone (IRL), he started working as a designer and visual artist,
often in-situ and on a co-creativ way collaborating with organisations,
companies, other visual artists, designers, architects, musicians and externals.

2017 - 2020


The first video-work is recorded in Romania, 2017.

Carpets are drying outside in the sun,
an old Romanian man is listening to the radio, playing too hard.
Nearby a nest of wasps is hidden in the inner-wall of the bedroom, struggling with the electricity.






Black River White River

The second video-work is recorded in Georgia, 2019.

Somewhere on the road to Russia, two rivers coming from the Caucasian mountains are melting together. One is black, the other white - as told by the locals.