M : info@karelverhoeven.be
T : +32 485 14 29 35
Karel Verhoeven (°1982, Ghent)
creates autonomous and applied works
including both print, digital, spatial work,
video, photography and performances.

Since his graphic design, art and mediastudies in Ghent (BE)
and Athlone (IRL), he started working as a designer and visual artist,
often in-situ and on a co-creativ way collaborating with organisations,
companies, other visual artists, designers, architects, musicians and externals.

Topos Sonos
2015 - 2017

audiovisual work, performance

Iniativ, video scenography and image:
Karel Verhoeven

Text and performance:
Emi Kodama

Sound and electronic devices:
Elias Heuninck.

Supported by Vooruit (residency)
KASK (Hercules Lab)
Buda (residency in April 2017)
De Werf (presentation in May'17)
iMal (residency and presentation in June '17)
KAAP at Mu.ZEE, premiere 1st, 2nd July.

Topos Sonos is a spatial performance, an audio-visual
exploration of the Canarian island La Gomera.
Attracted by the fact that there exists a local
whistle language called El Silbo to make an
analog communication possible through
the rural landscape.

Topos Sonos is a piece
about the relation of sound, story and the topography
of the island and about the sculpturality of
contemporary communication infrastructure.

On an intimate manner spectators are guided through
a big black space by stories, spatial sound experiences,
electronic devices, graphic maps and sculptural
scenography ending with a videowork bringing
all elements together.