M : info@karelverhoeven.be
T : +32 485 14 29 35
Karel Verhoeven (°1982, Ghent)
creates autonomous and applied works
including both print, digital, spatial work,
video, photography and performances.

Since his graphic design, art and mediastudies in Ghent (BE)
and Athlone (IRL), he started working as a designer and visual artist,
often in-situ and on a co-creativ way collaborating with organisations,
companies, other visual artists, designers, architects, musicians and externals.

Spiel Raum
2018 - ongoing

artistic research project

audiovisual work, drawing, in-situ work

Commissioned by the flemish government, in collaboration with Luca Gent and Maarten Van Den Driessche.

Presented on Luca Brussels, architect department.

Spiel Raum questions the relation between the spatial conditions of playgrounds on middle schools and the social interactions of youngsters.

In a first fase, the project is based on observations on several playgrounds, visualising these relations. Through this rather ethnographic gaze the aim is to make visual the actual state of these play spaces.

In a second stage, the project will intervene in certain places by adding spatial elements or change some existing parameters. The target of these actions is to make visual hidden layers of meaning and conscious.