M : info@karelverhoeven.be
T : +32 485 14 29 35
Karel Verhoeven (°1982, Ghent)
creates autonomous and applied works
including both print, digital, spatial work,
video, photography and performances.

Since his graphic design, art and mediastudies in Ghent (BE)
and Athlone (IRL), he started working as a designer and visual artist,
often in-situ and on a co-creativ way collaborating with organisations,
companies, other visual artists, designers, architects, musicians and externals.

Topos Sonos: Villa Elise

in-situ project, performance

Concept, guitar, bread and sculptures:
Karel Verhoeven

Text and performance:
Emi Kodama

Sound installation:
Elias Heuninck.

"This site-specific performance guides you
through different modes of listening and navigating
through the room you are sitting in. By installing sculptures,
Karel Verhoeven works with the balance between
the private and public nature of the house. A story,
told by Emi Kodama, will touch on the way this and
the surrounding houses are lived in, while the atmosphere
in the room slowly shifts through subtle sound
interventions by Elias Heuninck."