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Karel Verhoeven (°1982, Ghent)
creates autonomous and applied works beyond places. This includes both print, digital, spatial work, video, photography and performances.

Since his graphic design, art and mediastudies in Ghent (BE) and Athlone (IRL), he started working as a designer and visual artist. In his work he plays with material and spaces. Verhoeven adapts or reflects specific places as islands, buildings, parcs, cemeteries and urban squares.

Upcoming exhibitions

Flabbergastings ...
integrated series of spatial work at
public space from De Lovie in Poperinge
2017 - 2018

A Groupshow
BANK Gallery Project
Vezelay, France
July - August 2017

Soloshow, Anything Can B_ A Car
Camera, Centrul de interes
Cluj, Romanie
10th August - 24th September

Upcoming performances

an audiovisual and spatial performance with Elias Heuninck and Emi Kodama,
premiere at Mu.ZEE
organised by KAAP
1st and 2nd July 2017

And Many More
a new musical and spatial performance and collaboration
with Klaas Vanhee and Hans Demeulenaere.
Supported by Workspace Brussels
May, September 2017

Scenes (jardin) WBP

permanent architectural sculptures for a cemetery

Commissioned work
by Stad Gent, Groendienst

Topos Sonos

video, performance, sound/image, text,

Collab Emi Kodama, Elias Heuninck.
Iniative and realisation


exhibition, graphic, spatial and sculptural work

by the BANK Gallery Projects.

Edited Archaeology

sculptural book

Residency at Isola Comacina, IT
exhibited at BANK Gallery Projects

GRAVEN Tollund

exhibition, graphic, spatial and sculptural work

by the BANK Gallery Projects.


book, photography
graphic design, texts

Iniative and realisation / work in progress

GRAVEN the land

exhibition, graphic, spatial and sculptural work

by the BANK Gallery Projects.

Scenes (cour) Kouter

moveable architectural sculptures for public spaces

Collab. Handelsbeurs
courtesy of KV

Topos Sonos Villa Elise

performance, collaboration, sound/image, text, in-situ project

Collab Emi Kodama, Elias Heuninck.
Invited by Chambre d'O, MuZee

Scenes / cour jardin

setting, photographic series, video, design, participatory work

Initiative and realisation
Collab de Munt, Muntpunt, zZmogh etc.

Unedited Architecture

video, photography, graphic design, performance, exhibition

Initiative and realisation
Collab Beursschouwburg, Campo etc.

Anything Can B_ A Car

photographic series, publication, participatory work, exhibition

Initiative and realisation
Collab recyclart, S.M.A.K., etc.

The Book As A □

exhibition, graphic work, books, photography, video, curating

Initiative and realisation
Collab Copyright Ghent & invited artists

Quatre Mains

exhibition, permanent artwork, graphic design, collaboration

Commissioned work
Collab M HKA, WZC Immaculata.

The L.O.P.O.S.

installation, publication, participatory work, publication

Commissioned work
Collab Vredeshuis, Stad Gent


in-situ installation in public space, participatory project

Commissioned work
Collab Kunstwerkt, Duin and Polders

Homework / Site 25 : design

graphic design, photography, video

Collab Karen Vermeren and Leen Van Tichelen
Commissioned work for Site 25,
Petja Ghekiere

Bilder (2013)

exhibited at
Ithaka, 2013

Studio Vaart (2013 - now)

fysical atelier, archive and presentation place.

Instruments and elements for projects.
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Karel Verhoeven


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